Clouds on the Mountains

August 27, 2015

Our morning here was very cloudy and cool. Clouds were covering the top of TAOS mountain. Portent of fall. During our walk with Roo this am we came across some funny weeds. I saw them before but they didn’t really stand out until this cool morning. I think when it’s sunny they blend in to the ground. 

Almost looks like fog. We took a little drive to the Arroyo Seco area to look more at the local and how far it was to TAOS. We are thinking of renting there next summer. After that we ran an errand or two and Bill drove me to the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church to take a few photos for paintings. If you do a little research you will see people are as enamored with the front side as they are the backside. I of course love the backside. Funny I will show you an AFTER and BEFORE (in that order) photo of the backside as people are parked all over the front and back.



Amazing how we can “crop” actual photos with our digital gadgets…

Tonight is our last dinner at BELLA’s until next summer. The best New Mexican food! Then it’s home to Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex, which we both love. 


Lazy Day

August 26, 2015

Another shot from yesterday’s trip to Angel Fire. Love the open meadow up the side of part of Angel Fire mountain. Today we took it super easy. Our time here is now flying past us. I am getting a lot done on my current “ADOBE WALLS” painting series and am wrapping my head around a painting of a cow skull. More on that later… Casa #2 has been a good little place for us. The only major drawback is intermittent WI-FI service but we have learned to deal with that. I am still constantly taken by the color of the sky, the views, the weather…

Angel Fire

August 25, 2015

We took a short road trip to Angel Fire today. Beautiful drive up and back and beautiful area. This photo is actually taken from Angel Fire ski area on the mountain across the valley. It was a gorgeous day to get out. Sheila Roo acted more like a mountain dog than a city dog today. She was ready to hike and unfortunately I wasn’t. Have a slight ankle issue going on, so hiking was out for me. 

Last week in TAOS.

  August 24, 2015

This is our last week in TAOS and we have even bumped up our return by one day, splitting the drive so that we are traveling during the daylight hours. Staying overnight about halfway and then up early to head home. We want to get to our home by 1-2 p.m. to give ourselves time to unpack, settled and decide about our evening meal. It has been an incredible time away but we both feel our home office calling to get caught up and start fresh into our business for the fall. I think even Sheila is getting restless for home. 

Yesterday evening a storm came through just before dinner time. It rained the biggest fattest raindrops I think I have ever seen and then became torrential! Just at the time I was getting ready to do some prep on dinner the power went out in the area. It was obvious to Bill and I that we might be here waiting all night for power to come back on so we improvised our dinner plans. Yesterday’s grilled chicken went into a packet on the outdoor gas grill to warm, can of beans in a pot on the outdoor gas grill (hey, we eat pretty simple), and a tray of cheese nachos on the outdoor gas grill. As much as I love this place I am not a cold cold weather person and imagine that power outages in the winter happen more often than not.

Another torrential rain late this afternoon for about an hour and then it cleared off for a crystal clean cooler evening. No loss of power (we think the power outage from the evening before was from a transformer getting hit in the area). Lightning strikes are pretty amazing here up in elevation! 
Normal slow paced day today. Yoga, grocery, paint, read, write. Fish on the grill tonight. Simple dinner. That’s the way we like it. 

Casa #2 Tour continued…

August 23, 2015

Today’s tour is of the covered porch area of Casa #2. I wanted to lead with the meditation bench area. There is a underground irrigation system for the plants and trees. 

My current office and base camp. 

  My little outdoor studio.

Two outdoor HEAVY wooded chaise lounge chairs.  

The gurgling water fountain.


  The beautiful TAOS turquoise gate that leads out to the parking area. 

It’s a really long spacious covered porch! Plenty of room for three! (Sorry about the wet footprints! Bill had just cleaned and hosed down the porch.)

A little tour of Casa #2


 August 22, 2015

Today I will start giving you a tour of our second residence here in TAOS. It has a lot of interesting accents that I will show you. One thing to keep in mind while viewing is that this casa has a “BIRD” theme so you will see birds in a lot of the pictures. Above is a mural painted on the wall in the den. Note: birds.

Through arched doorways is the den area with a JOTUL gas fireplace in the corner. There is a flate screen TV for viewing and yes, the couch makes out into a bed.  

The ceiling is painted a bright purple with large turquoise painted beams in both the den and kitchen.

The kitchen as you see is in bright colors. Fiesta dinnerware in all colors! Again note birds on shelves and painted on the front of the countertop to the right. 

A funny little kitchen towel holder complete with birds.

A fabuous print… with birds.

Small table in the corner of the kitchen for breakfasting.

Brightly painted dining table with birds. (Funny, the other two chairs have cats!) Tomorrow’s tour will show the remainder of the house. It’s just right for two and a dog!

Started painting on my four new canvases that I sketched yesterday. Today a little sun and paint, paint, paint. 


Sunset Park

August 21, 2015

10 days left of our glorious summer vacation. I will be glad to get home but will be sad to leave here. Walked to yoga this morning. Bill and Sheila Roo picked me up after and we went for her walk at Sunset Park. Grocery and then home for a leisurely day of painting and reading and sketching. Four new canvas boards sketched out! Tonight’s dinner fare: grilled sourdough bread, salad, brown rice and grilled tuna! Coming soon! A tour of our current casa.