July 24th, 2015

Today was my first class at Shree Yoga just off the plaza in TAOS. It was an awesome class in a beautiful place. Wood floors, wood beam ceilings, white wash walls, eastern sun streaming in through soft white curtains and paned windows (and two JOTUL wood burning fireplaces for the winter!) I will try to update this post with a better photo later. Props galore, a draped changing area with velvet curtains in a circle going up to the ceiling. A curtained area in an “S” shape dividing the entrance and front desk from the yoga area but it looks like the curtain can be pulled back to enlarge the room for larger groups. I was so thankful for my training with my yoga teacher back home so I didn’t make a fool of myself. I kept up, felt confidant and got a great workout. Bill and Roo were working out at a local gym.

They picked me up from yoga and we took a walk in KIT CARSON park where Roo did some TAI CHI with the locals. Back to CASA for the slow afternoon on the porch. Cold beer. Grilled dinner.