A little tour of Casa #2


 August 22, 2015

Today I will start giving you a tour of our second residence here in TAOS. It has a lot of interesting accents that I will show you. One thing to keep in mind while viewing is that this casa has a “BIRD” theme so you will see birds in a lot of the pictures. Above is a mural painted on the wall in the den. Note: birds.

Through arched doorways is the den area with a JOTUL gas fireplace in the corner. There is a flate screen TV for viewing and yes, the couch makes out into a bed.  

The ceiling is painted a bright purple with large turquoise painted beams in both the den and kitchen.

The kitchen as you see is in bright colors. Fiesta dinnerware in all colors! Again note birds on shelves and painted on the front of the countertop to the right. 

A funny little kitchen towel holder complete with birds.

A fabuous print… with birds.

Small table in the corner of the kitchen for breakfasting.

Brightly painted dining table with birds. (Funny, the other two chairs have cats!) Tomorrow’s tour will show the remainder of the house. It’s just right for two and a dog!

Started painting on my four new canvases that I sketched yesterday. Today a little sun and paint, paint, paint. 



Sunset Park

August 21, 2015

10 days left of our glorious summer vacation. I will be glad to get home but will be sad to leave here. Walked to yoga this morning. Bill and Sheila Roo picked me up after and we went for her walk at Sunset Park. Grocery and then home for a leisurely day of painting and reading and sketching. Four new canvas boards sketched out! Tonight’s dinner fare: grilled sourdough bread, salad, brown rice and grilled tuna! Coming soon! A tour of our current casa.

Sunset Park

August 20, 2015

We walked a little different route at Sunset Park this morning with Sheila and ran into these beautiful goats. This particular guy and Sheila Roo were very curious about each other. 

A little cooler and more pleasant today. A light breeze. Bill is actually hanging out on the porch reading with us today. I got a little sun, read, painted, and generally did what ever I wanted to. Our days here are winding down and it’s back to work when we get home. I have so much to get caught up on in the office att home. I don’t expect it will take me too long though. 

Tonight we will walk to Bella’s for another fabulous dinner. I know it seems crazy to go to the same place several times but the food is so good! It gets 5 stars from most everyone on TRIPADVISOR.COM and it’s rated #1 restaurant “by the people” on TRIPADVISOR as well! 

Bill and I used to have a favorite restaurant in San Antonio called LA CALESA, it’s been closed for many years now and we still talk about it and miss it. It was, “Like Water For Chocolate” food, meaning that you could tell it was from the heart and soul of the chef and full of love and great ingredients. BELLA’S in TAOS is like that for us! We don’t even have a place that we think of in that way at home and there are a zillion mexican restaurants. 


  August 19, 2015
When in Rome…or New Mexico, it is almost a MUST BUY. These adorable clay incense burners are alway fun. They have many choices of incense but personaly if your going to do the whole New Mexico Incense thing you should pick pinon. The smell of pinon is the smell of New Mexico in the fall, winter and spring. It is the common source of fire wood here from the pinon pine tree. 

 I love this comment on the box end above.

From time to time I will be posting my “TAOS FINDS” or “TAOS INSPIRED FINDS”. These are items that I either saw here in TAOS or were “inspired” by my stay in TAOS. These items may be items of apparel or items for the home, so look for them coming up in future posts. I will post a few during my stay but will post most of them after I have returned from our stay.

Today was the last day for Jerusha, my favorite yoga teacher at Shree Yoga. She has been a real inspiration to me. It was a great class and once again (my second time!), I was able to do a hand stand from DOLPHIN pose. This means I am getting really strong in my upper body. My upper body is what I think of as my weaker point so being able to support my weight on just my arms is a huge thing for me. 

I have been so inspired on soooo many levels during my stay here. Artistically with my painting, posts on my blog now and a few future surprises, creative ideas to do when I return, and yoga. 

We get the car back today after all! So our afternoon will be spent walking to the art store on our way to the “pick up point” for the dealership to pick us up and take us to the car. Once that is done a quick stop and the grocery. Then a leisurely afternoon and evening here on the porch. The temps are much cooler today and quite welcome.

Hoofin’ It Day Two



August 18, 2015

This morning we slept a little late, Roo had breakfast while we had coffee. Out for a run. I ran 40 minutes and Bill ran forever. Since we are without auto we decided to combine a walk to the Plaza with Roo’s walk. We walked to the art supply store (not open until noon) then walked across the Plaza. While we were in the area I reminded Bill that there were a few things that I wanted to pick up at a shop on the other side of the street from the plaza (items to be featured on a few posts when we return home) and he mentioned going ahead and getting them while we were right there. After making our purchases we headed back to the casa.  The purchases filled 3/4 of what amounted to as a small kitchen garbage bag. What I didn’t realize is how heavy it was and my husband carried it the whole way back! When we got home I picked up the bag to move it and realized how heavy it was. What a trooper! Once home,  Roo was found a spot for a siesta…and so did I. Tonight a short walk for the three of us to have dinner on the patio at Bella’s. Chicken enchiladas with the best MOLE sauce ever for me! 


Hoofin’ It

This morning’s sunrise was spectacular. A portent of things to come though. We started with a warm sunny day and then it clouded over around 1:00 p.m. and I can smell the rain! It’s actually been cool enough to paint today. Hurray! I got started on a new painting, worked a little on a previous one and am gettig ready to “warm” another one with a Burnt Sienna wash to start painting on tomorrow. We are spending the next couple of days “hoofing it” as we needed to put the car in the shop for a brief repair. Bill took the car in and they dropped him at my yoga studio. We had a leisurely 10 minute walk back to the casa. Then so that Sheila would get her walk we took a 30 minute round trip to the grocery for some local goat cheese to spread on grilled bread tonight. The temperature here on the porch dropped to 76 and we had a light rain then it cleared up into some of the most beautiful TAOS turquoise blue skies for the evening. 

Day of the Triffids 

August 16, 2015

Not sure if I mentioned but we found a new park to take Sheila to that is more “country” than the city park we were taking her to. Less people and dogs too. It’s called SUNSET park and the view of the mountains from there is fabulous. Apparently it’s also a great place for watching the sunset as well. I had to take a picture of these plants that grow wild out there and make me think of this old scary movie. The Day of the Triffids… 

As you can see some are 5-6 feet tall! As I said the view of the mountains is spectacular. 

This morning as we pulled up there was a coyote scampering across the field. Most likely scouting out prairie dogs!  Finished my third Tony HIllerman novel. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I am reading his “JOE  LEAPHORN” series while I am here in the order in which they were written. Perfect TAOS summer reading as they are set in the “Four Corners” area of the United States. Warm, lazy day.