The truth…

August 12, 2015

OK so, now that we have moved out of the first casa the truth is the love wore off very quickly. What we did not know (and wasn’t disclosed in the owner’s listing on HOMEAWAY) is that the house was located on a main cut through off of the main thoroughfare through town so we had constant traffic noise. This is a very popular town for motorcyclist to come to (hello, EASY RIDER!) so there was car traffic and motorcycle traffic galore. We had to move to the back bedroom where it was quieter. Also the house was located right behind a lumber yard. So there was constant noise (paging, sawing, etc.) coming from there. It was not the “peace and quiet” that you would think you would have but we also have learned that either we get on the west side of the main thoroughfare and off the beaten path or “just” out of town. Now that we know the lay of the land we can pick our spot for next summer with great care. There were other little things that started adding up and making our stay at that casa not quite what it should have been. Too many to list! 

Today we moved into a different casa. We had originally planned to stay only 3 weeks in Taos so that is what we had rented the first casa for. Then we decided to stay longer and the first casa was booked immediately afterward (thank goodness!) so we had to rent a different place. I think we are going to like this one much better. More to follow…



   August 9, 2015

A quick note to all! As you can see from the title of this blog I have changed the name to BOHEMIANBEC.COM just because it is a darn sight easier to remember that the old one. If you still type in BOHEMIANBOHEMIAN.COM you will be redirected to the new BOHEMIANBEC.COM. 

As always I REALLY appreciate your “COMMENTS”, “LIKES” and “FOLLOWS”. 

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In a good heart to heart with myself lately, I am culling even more than I had originally planned as far as going through my clothing and accessories and selling on EBAY. Now that I have retired from a commuter job, I no longer have to get up and get “DRESSED” every day and that has really brought to home how much I HAVE and how much I DON’T NEED. I love all of my carefully bought designer items but HOW MUCH do I need them now? DSC_2343Don’t get me wrong! I will keep some of my hard earned, favorite items but I am going to let go of some that I realistically won’t need in a much less stressful environ. I pretty much want to grab a pair of comfortable dressy looking pants or jeans, a T-shirt, a Fabulous jacket, boots, bag, and go! (Funny, these are actually photos of my closet about 6 months ago. I have culled SO much but still feel like I have a LONG way to go!)

STEP 1(of the 14 steps to becoming a BOHEMIAN).

Create art. If that means quitting your day job and moving into a tiny studio apartment filled with paints, do that. Bohemians hold the creation of art above all other pursuits. But, use good judgement. Don’t go quitting your job if you have no other means of financial stability-WIKI

Do SOMETHING! Paint! Draw! Create Music Play Lists on your Computer. I love art and creating!

My desk is tiny yet I use my space to post on my blog…IMG_0947working on painting a suede coat…IMG_0952Drawing…IMG_0941I keep tons of pencils/pens and art material on my tiny desk. I keep stacks of different jewelry on my desk for inspiration. IMG_0942I use my desk as my inspiration board since I want to keep the aesthetics in my room neat(ish).

Bohemian according to WIKI

Welcome 2014!

In searching the internet for BOHEMIANISM, I came across WIKI’S definition and  “14 STEPS” to becoming bohemian. It’s a little tongue in cheek but fair enough. The WIKI defintition of bohemian lies below…

Bohemian is a person who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices than the average person. The word evokes the romance of a wanderer’s life. For all those noncomformists there is no more attractive way of expressing the inner life than through clothing.- WIKI


The above photo is from the debut collection for St. Laurent by Hedi Slimane, F/W13.  I think it is the visual definition of bohemian dressing.

Appropriately so, during 2014, I will share with you the “14” steps ACCORDING TO WIKI in postings to come. The photos in these posts will be different than the photos shown on WIKI.

CAMARGUAISE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I recently read in a book about french fashion that CAMARGUAISE Boots are coming back in fashion. First, let’s talk about the word CAMARGUE. Camargue is a breed of wild horses in the Le Camargue area of France, known for the horses of course, red rice for the foodies, and flora & fauna. I challenge you to web search the horses and this area of France. I would love to go someday! ANYWAY! I want to express my love for this type of boot. This boot may be coming back in fashion in France but I am not sure it ever left here being from Texas (BOOT COUNTRY!). These are the boots you throw on and run errands. Shine up to wear to a fun event. You should have at least one pair of these boots. I know it sounds crazy but I think they work for women of all ages. They are sturdy and faithful. True CAMARGUAISE are low heel. Currently I am obsessing over these on the FREE PEOPLE site. They are by A.S. 98. 28560167_001_a


223 days until I leave my “corporate job” for one out of the house (and YES, I am counting the days). I will have a month or two at home to get accustomed to my new lifestyle and then travel to TAOS and work from there. I have found a house in TAOS to stay in next summer to get away from the TEXAS HEAT. Alas, I will have to wait. Until then..