August 8, 2015

Of course you can’t come to TAOS without thinking of Dennis Hopper. As part of my BOHEMIAN ICON series I must include him. Actor, Filmaker, Incredible Photographer, Artist. I highly recommend that you click on the words to the right of the arrow -> DESTINY IN TAOS by Marin Hopper.  This is a really good article about Dennis Hopper written by his daughter, Marin.

Not as well known is that he was actually behind some very interesting movie soundtracks (EASY RIDER, OUT OF THE BLUE and COLORS! Here again to the right of the arrow ->  Dennis Hopper, SOUNDTRACK SAVANT by Brandon Soderberg is the article by Brandon Soderberg  (VILLAGE VOICE) about Hopper as a Soundtrack Artist.

He loved TAOS. He was buried here.



Ah my fellow Texan! (Although I was born in ARCADIA, California, I have been here since age 6 months or so, therefore I consider myself a Texan). Erin Wasson is the epitome of bohemian beauty! erin-wasson8[1]I love everything about her style. So unassuming. She loves to mix up jeans, boots, vintage and designer pieces. Damn, she has great hair!



The ever ICONIC JIM MORRISON! Poets shirt, CONCHO belt, waxed, leather, or just plain ole dark denim and boots!  Oh and the leather jacket casually thrown to the floor (helps with the distressed look of the leather jacket). This has me eyeing concho belts now.


This is the first installment of Bohemian Icons and the fashion they inspire. The forever ICONIC Jimi Hendrix. jimiI love his jacket. I have a old jacket in my closet from DENIM & SUPPLY featured in an older post that makes me think of this one.pPOLO2-14091830_standard_t240x400 Oh! And I have an anorak from Free People that is still available HERE! Seek out DENIM & SUPPLY’S military style jackets, HERE. I think they are a good value for the money if you are missing the “military/band” inspired element in your closet.