Merry Christmas 2016



  August 19, 2015
When in Rome…or New Mexico, it is almost a MUST BUY. These adorable clay incense burners are alway fun. They have many choices of incense but personaly if your going to do the whole New Mexico Incense thing you should pick pinon. The smell of pinon is the smell of New Mexico in the fall, winter and spring. It is the common source of fire wood here from the pinon pine tree. 

 I love this comment on the box end above.

From time to time I will be posting my “TAOS FINDS” or “TAOS INSPIRED FINDS”. These are items that I either saw here in TAOS or were “inspired” by my stay in TAOS. These items may be items of apparel or items for the home, so look for them coming up in future posts. I will post a few during my stay but will post most of them after I have returned from our stay.

Today was the last day for Jerusha, my favorite yoga teacher at Shree Yoga. She has been a real inspiration to me. It was a great class and once again (my second time!), I was able to do a hand stand from DOLPHIN pose. This means I am getting really strong in my upper body. My upper body is what I think of as my weaker point so being able to support my weight on just my arms is a huge thing for me. 

I have been so inspired on soooo many levels during my stay here. Artistically with my painting, posts on my blog now and a few future surprises, creative ideas to do when I return, and yoga. 

We get the car back today after all! So our afternoon will be spent walking to the art store on our way to the “pick up point” for the dealership to pick us up and take us to the car. Once that is done a quick stop and the grocery. Then a leisurely afternoon and evening here on the porch. The temps are much cooler today and quite welcome.


August 15, 2015

Funny little features built into the wall of this house. 

Beautiful Saturday morning. Woke up and went for an up & downhill run. Now I’m pooped! Warm day but i can see clouds building up on the mountain for an afternoon shower. Too hot to paint again today so I think I will sketch and read. 


August 14, 2015

Our new little casa has a cool little ZEN garden complete with “babbling” fountain and meditation seat. The owner has done a great job with a little area. In a few years when the plants are more established it will be even more lush. 

Today was a SHREE YOGA day. I have enjoyed my TAOS yoga experience. Once we did our errands for dinner provisions we camped at the casa. Another warm day so I took a break from painting and sunned and read. Clouds building up on the mountains for a late afternoon-early evening shower. 5:00 p.m. cool on the porch. Chillin’ …


August 13, 2015 

 I love some of the doors and entrances here in TAOS. In a previous post I showed you the entrance to the first Casa that we stayed at which I thought was a cool entry. The casa we are in now has much more color and architectual features which I will be sharing in this and another posts.

The above doors are on the covered porch that Sheila and I are now inhabiting and are actually hiding the electric meter and a few other things for the house. They built a wooden box around the mechanics and then set these doors in. An expensive but beautiful way to hide unsightly necessities! A warm day here in TAOS. Too hot to paint. Roo is crashed by the trickling Zen water fountain and I am on the porch settee drinking iced cold cherry juice. Glass of cold white wine later and then grilled chicken, Olive-oil grilled sourdough toast with Tomato Basil goat cheese and fresh tomato slices on top. Keep it simple when it’s warm!

Last morning at the Casa.



August 12, 2015

Above is the little sitting area in the Master Bedroom.  


The lightweight blanket on the bed above is one I actually purchased here to take home for nap time. 


The small master bath with tub/shower.  There is another bedroom and bath which I just flat ran out of time to photograph before we leave. 


More Casa tour…

August 11, 2015

Here are two different shots of the dining room. Just to the right is the little desk where Bill set up camp. Through the door is bedroom #2, which you will see tomorrow. 

As you see through the portal on the right is the big roomy kitchen. The door on the left is the front door of the house.  

Gas Stove and Oven… 

Prep area with Microwave… 

Again sorry about the darkness…As you see, everything AND the kitchen sink! More tomorrow! Leisurely packing, reading, sunning today.