I was stunned to see the FABULOUS post by Kelly Framel from Austin, Texas showcasing FLASH TATTOO on her THE GLAMOURAI site (please go view now, It’s AMAZING! It’s ART!).

The below photos are not hers but from the FLASHTATTOO website. (go there now too)!

These photos will give you a small example of the temporary foil tattoos that are available. Sheebani_6__69889.1405531070.1280.1280



Here is an example of the tattoo sheets that they have available.



In the Spring and Summer I tend to move from my favorite red nail polish to a gold color. My favorite is SHIFTING POWER by Essie _6647329with a coat of Essie’s AS GOLD AS IT GETS on top for a little shimmer.ESSLUXGOLD-2T


…speaking of hair. (See last comment of previous post!). I’m trying to grow out my bangs. I think I have had bangs (aka fringe) most of my life. I’m a little past the bang time really but not much. Now that I am leaving “CORPORATE” world I want a much more relaxed style. A little more relaxed sexy and not fixed spunky. I am also trying to add some length to my look. I want loose sexy beachy Erin Wasson hair. (Mine is white blonde though). Ok, so I am taking my vitamins, getting exercise, eating right, using hair oils to condition and strengthen. One of my new finds along this line is the fabulous oil by LEONOR GREYL. Huile-de-Palme-Leonor-GreylThis oil is amazing! It says HUILE DE PALME but it is actually not made with palm oil anymore but made with coconut oil and several different seed oils. It regenerates, softens, conditions. The smell is incredible!