August 15, 2015

Funny little features built into the wall of this house. 

Beautiful Saturday morning. Woke up and went for an up & downhill run. Now I’m pooped! Warm day but i can see clouds building up on the mountain for an afternoon shower. Too hot to paint again today so I think I will sketch and read. 



August 14, 2015

Our new little casa has a cool little ZEN garden complete with “babbling” fountain and meditation seat. The owner has done a great job with a little area. In a few years when the plants are more established it will be even more lush. 

Today was a SHREE YOGA day. I have enjoyed my TAOS yoga experience. Once we did our errands for dinner provisions we camped at the casa. Another warm day so I took a break from painting and sunned and read. Clouds building up on the mountains for a late afternoon-early evening shower. 5:00 p.m. cool on the porch. Chillin’ …


August 13, 2015 

 I love some of the doors and entrances here in TAOS. In a previous post I showed you the entrance to the first Casa that we stayed at which I thought was a cool entry. The casa we are in now has much more color and architectual features which I will be sharing in this and another posts.

The above doors are on the covered porch that Sheila and I are now inhabiting and are actually hiding the electric meter and a few other things for the house. They built a wooden box around the mechanics and then set these doors in. An expensive but beautiful way to hide unsightly necessities! A warm day here in TAOS. Too hot to paint. Roo is crashed by the trickling Zen water fountain and I am on the porch settee drinking iced cold cherry juice. Glass of cold white wine later and then grilled chicken, Olive-oil grilled sourdough toast with Tomato Basil goat cheese and fresh tomato slices on top. Keep it simple when it’s warm!


August 8, 2015

Of course you can’t come to TAOS without thinking of Dennis Hopper. As part of my BOHEMIAN ICON series I must include him. Actor, Filmaker, Incredible Photographer, Artist. I highly recommend that you click on the words to the right of the arrow -> DESTINY IN TAOS by Marin Hopper.  This is a really good article about Dennis Hopper written by his daughter, Marin.

Not as well known is that he was actually behind some very interesting movie soundtracks (EASY RIDER, OUT OF THE BLUE and COLORS! Here again to the right of the arrow ->  Dennis Hopper, SOUNDTRACK SAVANT by Brandon Soderberg is the article by Brandon Soderberg  (VILLAGE VOICE) about Hopper as a Soundtrack Artist.

He loved TAOS. He was buried here.

It’s the light…

August 2, 2015

The English poet and novelist, D.H. Lawrence, was enchanted by Taos. He wrote the following, “Never is the light more pure and overweening than there, … “

The light here is just fabulous for painting. We saw people out in the park with easels painting the other day. En plein air! Ccan’t do that at home right now! I have really been doing a lot of painting and loving it! It’s so awesome to wake up in the morning and set my gear out on the porch and paint to my heart’s content. I currenly have six paintings in progress, one which I think is pretty much done, one that needs final touch-ups and four I am in the middle of. 

Of course Sheila-Roo helps! Giving me a few tips! 

Lazy Sunday. This from the Taos Newspaper Police Blotter… 7:01 p.m. Disturbing the peace – A caller asked to speak with a police officer regarding a man playing an electric guitar near the intersection of Siler Road and Paseo Del Pueble Sur.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…clouding up, thunder, wind, temps drop, rain…