Fringe is in!4096304020_2_1_1 This is a fun red leather fringed shopper at ZARA.



TARNISH is one of my favorite brands of scarves. I LOVE this one. _8723305“Tell Tale Henna” on the Nordstroms site. A great buy at $28.00!


I have been searching and searching for some round pillows. By round I mean flat on the top and bottom and round on the sides. When you “GOOGLE” round pillows you get all kinds of weird things! (A BALL PILLOW?) I have an antique leather pouf (ottoman) with worn in reds, tans and blacks. On top of it I have a small round brown pouf. On top of that I have an olive green and gold vintage round pillow depicting the PISCES emblem. I wanted some more to stack on top of that and could not find anything. My house interior is VERY eclectic. Today I found just the thing! $_12I want several of these  in black, red and gold. You buy the covers and stuff them yourself. Very inexpensive online and on EBAY.