Spring is coming and with it soft breezes whether they be cool or warm. I would love to have this GANESHA TAPESTRY from Urban Outfitters tied to trees swaying in the breeze while I warm myself in the sun with my dog by my side. I can just see the sun shining through it like it is stained glass. 18147041_000_bIt is thin enough to throw over a bed as a summer bed cover or you could even use it as a picnic blanket.


STEP 1(of the 14 steps to becoming a BOHEMIAN).

Create art. If that means quitting your day job and moving into a tiny studio apartment filled with paints, do that. Bohemians hold the creation of art above all other pursuits. But, use good judgement. Don’t go quitting your job if you have no other means of financial stability-WIKI

Do SOMETHING! Paint! Draw! Create Music Play Lists on your Computer. I love art and creating!

My desk is tiny yet I use my space to post on my blog…IMG_0947working on painting a suede coat…IMG_0952Drawing…IMG_0941I keep tons of pencils/pens and art material on my tiny desk. I keep stacks of different jewelry on my desk for inspiration. IMG_0942I use my desk as my inspiration board since I want to keep the aesthetics in my room neat(ish).


I know it’s crazy but there is something I love about this gold skirt. Fluid. Gold. Rayon. Because it is so bold you would want to keep the top minimal as shown below. I like wearing long cool dresses/skirts around the house in the summer. FREE PEOPLE!30513014_070_a



The ever ICONIC JIM MORRISON! Poets shirt, CONCHO belt, waxed, leather, or just plain ole dark denim and boots!  Oh and the leather jacket casually thrown to the floor (helps with the distressed look of the leather jacket). This has me eyeing concho belts now.


Time to start thinking (hoping, wishing) for spring! Check out this DARLING dress on Free People!31189970_060_a Throw a cool jacket over it and you are good to go!


I love some of the looks from the new POLO for Women brand by Ralph Lauren coming out this FALL._ARC0281.450x675_ARC0297.450x675_ARC0209.450x675_ARC0271.450x675These are right up my alley. I am curious to see what the price points will be on these items. They look incredible! I don’t have a pinstripe blazer so this fall I will substitute a black velvet blazer and then the poncho I posted earlier seen below. I could use the below poncho in the look above. free-people-black-border-tapestry-poncho-product-1-13754631-847959907_medium_flex