I love the look of this belt from Ralph Lauren’s DENIM & SUPPLY site. One of my favorite HAUNTS! The Cognac color leather belt accented with the gunmetal color chain detail and the gunmetal color buckle. What a way to finish off an outfit! On sale too! If I didn’t already have plenty of belts!s7-1046545_lifestyle




These are trays designed as decorative wall hangings by Rachel Convers. I have a huge wall up the side of a wood staircase that I would LOVE to do a hanging of some of these. YOU MUST check out the IBRIDE website HERE for even more creative artwork as furniture, dishes and more of these fabulous trays. I spent HOURS on this site!




I saw this FABULOUSLY INSANE long brim black Fedora on a website called PRESTON & OLIVIA. You can have it trimmed in several shades but I think the BLACK is magnificent! TB1_1156You can buy it on their website HERE.


28560167_001_fThe best Christmas EVE ever! The storied boots came yesterday. I didn’t want to jinks it but the VERY next day after I said pttthhh~~~~ to the boots and vowed to be done and NEVER try to order them again I got an email from FREE PEOPLE saying, “An item you want is BACK IN STOCK”.   Eeeek. I took the leap again and “low and behold” I got an email that afternoon saying they had shipped. I received them on Christmas Eve. They are fabulous! I am kicking my heels up!


I love this engraved metal IPHONE case from FREE PEOPLE. It’s a little funkily made but I like it. The sides are a nice rubber material that makes it easy to grip.

It makes me thing of a persian rug!29540812_070_a

You can get it HERE!


I am currently lusting over MANIAMANIA. Everything on the site is truly a WORK OF ART!

Of course the one piece I REALLY like is SOLD OUT! fatale_gold_large

This is called FATALE. It’s fabulous! You can see the whole collection HERE.