I looked at my yoga mat and it was looking pretty bad having been left out in the garage for too long. I decided to search for a new mat but wanted something different. Hurray! I found this one at ANTHROPOLOGIE. It comes in this cobalt and red, a turquoise and a red and creme color. I can’t wait to start!28394104_095_b


Date revised…soon yoga.

We have moved my retirement date up to end of March…I am so excited. Running my own company from home is going to be so much better for me! Yes, there will be phone calls, emails, a minute amount of travel but on such a lower scale from the high level busy corporate life that I lead now. My new life will give me the freedom to run every day, I plan to take yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:15-9:15. I am close enough to our athletic club that I can run to and from Yoga and add some miles on if I want. I have my own Yoga mat but need a carrier. After much review I found this one which will be perfect and it wasn’t too expensive! You can buy it at ANTHROPOLOGIE.29156791_001_c


I love items of clothing that have soutache, embroidery, beading, basically a work of art. c592f22926f0c452977626a454217163I found this FAB black velvet jacket on the H&M site which you can buy here.  This will be a nice light jacket to dress up some jeans for dinner out. There is also a cool vest but I was afraid it was too boxy for me.


I am making lists of things we need to take on our trip (I know it’s a long way away but better planning makes better travel). I want things that will serve many purposes. One thing I want is a couple of ponchos for us to use either as blankets or something warm to throw over us in the morning as we are having out morning coffee and watching the sun come up. This one is light weight and pretty. Also very inexpensive. I can also see me packing this in my “carry-on” for future plane

I love the design!



I have always wanted a backpack but had no real reason to own one being in a “Corporate” job. I want one that I can take to TAOS and carry things in while I walk my “wild” dog Roo. That way I am hands free. I found it and it’s FABULOUS! It’s called NIRVANA! How appropriate. You can buy it here!30045595_001_a

~~~~OLD GRINGO~SNAKE~~~~~~~~<

I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of OLD GRINGO boots but just never saw the right pair at the right price. They are expensive but well worth it. 29179454_001_0I came across these and with TAOS calling they just seemed to be the right boot for me. I love the fierce snake design on these featuring embroidery, studs, and faceted metal gems. They are exclusively sold through FREE PEOPLE!29179454_001_f


223 days until I leave my “corporate job” for one out of the house (and YES, I am counting the days). I will have a month or two at home to get accustomed to my new lifestyle and then travel to TAOS and work from there. I have found a house in TAOS to stay in next summer to get away from the TEXAS HEAT. Alas, I will have to wait. Until then..