Finally! After combing through various books about Bohemians, Bohemian Lifestyle, etc., I found this book which was just released recently. HOME SWEET HOME, Sumptuous and Bohemian Interiors by OBERTO GILI with an Introduction by Susanna Salk, published by RIZZOLI.  This book is fabulous! Mr. Gili’s photography invites you into homes and has you poring over each page, soaking in the ambiance of each abode. I sometime just sit and look at each picture and it has caused me to make adjustments to my own home to capture the feel that these dwellings have. From Bohemian Minimalism (which I never thought I would see the words Bohemian and Minimalism in the same sentence much less the same house) into Full Blown Bohemian, there is something everyone with even the smallest streak of Bohemian in them will like.



                                                                                                                                                                                       Love this Kenneth Jay Lane Sun pendant!

It fans out to reveal sparkly rays!


This print makes me think of stained glass.


Vintage Leo Narducci coat circa 1965. It is actually printed on a velour velvet  from a collection he did for Guy D, the year he received a special Coty Award (he received this award for one of America’s most promising designers!).  The print was styled by Art Ortenberg who was also married to Liz Claiborne (This of course was before Art and Liz went into their own business).