Merry Christmas 2016



I wanted a small rug to go under my easel when I am painting to protect my wood floors. I found this 3×5 indoor/outdoor rug which will work perfectly! These rugs are made following the fair trade principle and are crafted from 100% recycled plastic. Easy to hose off if necessary and being plastic, moisture will have no effect on the mat and it will not attract mildew. Lhasa by Fab Habitat. 



I picked up these colorful blankets in TAOS. They are actually “Hecho in Mexico” but they were so darn bright and pretty and lightweight too! The perfect fall and winter NAP blanket!


I saw these FABULOUS Birkenstocks in the window at ZOCALA on the TAOS plaza. They are labeled as “mirror green” but look more TAOS Turquoise in reality.

Home again, home again.

August 31 2015

On the way here and on the way home we stayed overnight in Amarillo at the DRURY HOTEL which is dog friendly! Our first KING bed since our trip began! Bill, Sheila and I are accustomed to sharing a KING bed at home and it has been a real transition and learning experience for us to sleep in a QUEEN. Some nights Sheila was in and sometimes out. Tight squeeze for three and she tends to run in her sleep (read-kick, kick, kick). KING beds are hard to come by in these TAOS rentals because most are trying to fit as many bodies in a house as possible (think SKI season). As a results they have queen, twin, bunk beds. 

Bottom line is boy was SHEILA ROO happy to see a king bed and she loves the soft fluffy duvet! We arrived home around 12:45 to the hustle and bustle of city traffic. We had forgotten the fast pace of city life. So much to get caught up on in our home office. The back and front yard need cleaning up. Must go get that gas grill after we clean up! Air conditioner is not working upstairs! (Not good in this Texas heat!). So we have to deal with that. Oh well. Such is life! Back to our regular schedule. There is always something wonderful about summer vacations but there is also comfort in our regular home routines. 

My posts from this point out for a while will be items for home or women’s clothing and accessories that I either saw in TAOS or were Inspired by TAOS. Bill, Sheila and I will be busy settling in and getting caught up for awhile. Until the next trip!

Last day in Taos.


August 29, 2015

Today was our last full day in TAOS, and tomorrow, time to head home.


As promised the last few photos of the house tour. This is the little office where Bill set up camp. 

The sunken bedroom/office area. The office above is just through that door you are looking at.

The Peach bath and unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the Buddha bath except for that picture at the front of this post which is a funny little door built into the wall and when you slide the doors open, there is Buddha. (See previous post from August 15th). 

I will have a busy day tomorrow and may not post until late in the evening or even the next day. Farewell TAOS! See ya’ next summer!